Fluval Power Spectrum T5 HO Fluorescent Bulb - 54 W

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Fluval Power Spectrum T5 High Output aquarium bulb delivers a bright bluish white light with a high color temperature, which is excellent for simulating open water lighting conditions as well as providing a beneficial spectrum for a variety of freshwater and marine aquariums.
Key Features:

High intensity, high temperature light
Supports coral growth
Enhances fish color
Ideal for freshwater, saltwater, and planted aquariums; coral and invertebrates
Produces more light per bulb surface area versus conventional fluorescents
Longer life versus other comparable high output fluorescents
Super bright lighting, strong blue spectral range, stimulates photosynthetic corals, invertebrates and other marine life
Ideal for marine and African cichlid aquariums
Intensifies fish and coral colors
For use with a T5 HO-specific electronic ballast only
Size: 115 cm (46inin)
54 Watts